Main research and discovery areas:


Pattern recognition


Biological experimental data analysis

Having successfull experience in collaboration with Biobase GmbH, Germany, St.Laurent Institute, USA and George Washington University, USA, Novel Software Systems provides biological experimental data analysis services:

Drug design procedure: from gene expression data to medicine targets

• extraction of differentially expressed protein coding and non-coding genes from microarray of gene sequencing data;
• prediction of Transcription Factors Binding Sites and their combinations;
• prediction of miRNA sites;
• reconstruction of intracellular signal transduction pathways;
• extraction of Key Nodes of signal transduction pathways as targets for novel medicine;

Next-generation gene sequencing data processing:

• alignment to reference genome and filtering;
• call for SNP;
• reconstruction of protein coding and non-coding gene expression;
• novel transcripts detection;
• RNA editing events detection;
• alternative splicing events detection;


• poly epitope design for vaccines, primer design, protein-RNA interaction analysis, RNA secondary struction prediction, microarray analysis.

Novel Software Systems is founded on the basis of A.P. Ershov Institute of Informatics Systems and keeps in touch with laboratories in scientific field.

Siberian branch of Russian Academy of Science

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